F-Stop Tilopa Camera Bag is here

f-stop bag tilopa I am proud and thankful to now be sponsored by F-Stop camera bags and I have just received my F-Stop Tilopa BC bag. My friend Rod Thomas (mobile 0417 677 966) is now the Australian distributor for F-Stop camera bags and I am very grateful for his kind gesture of sponsoring me a bag. It is the perfect camera bag for this travelling Nomadic Photographer, read on!

Just a few of the highlights:

  • F-Stop_logo 150 The bag itself is very light yet very sturdy and I feel my gear is supremely protected in this bag.
  • Super comfortable proper hiking harness in the bag allowing you to trek comfortably for hours with this bag full of precious gear. I have loaded mine with all of my gear and it still sits supremely comfortable on my back.
  • Holds all my gear including books, headphones, notebooks etc. meaning I no longer have to try and sneak two carry-on bag on planes (my old bag was just too becoming way too small).
  • One really brilliant feature is the Internal Camera Unit, detachable and comes in different sizes. I can take out the ICU and use this as a normal backpack. I use a large ICU and it comfortably holds all my gear as seen on my What’s in the bag? page.
  • Waterproof! Comes in very handy during those tropical downpours that sneak up on you in no time.
  • Airline carry-on safe! And when I board a tiny plane that only allows small bag, I just take out the ICU and check in the rest of the bag.
  • Access to camera is on the backside of th bag, so your harness does not become wet or sandy when getting your camera gear out.
  • Does not look like a camera bag, always a good thing to not carry a bag that screams “I have a camera in my innards!”
  • Easy to attach tripod, sleeping bags etc. to the bag.

This is a highly recommended bag, perfect for any adventurous photographer.

If you are in Australia, contact Rod Thomas at 0417 677 966 or [email protected] to secure yourself one of these great bags. Outside Australia, go to fstopgear.com.

I will blog more about using this perfect camera bag in the field in the coming weeks.

Disclaimer: I would never accept nor recommend any equipment I do not personally use and like. I recommend the F-Stop bag because it is an excellent bag!

6 Comments on “F-Stop Tilopa Camera Bag is here”

    1. I will Scott, more reports to come from the field. One thing I really like is getting my gear out from the back, it means the harness does not get wet/sandy/muddy/salty etc. I still have salt on my now retired Kata bag from the glorious Death Valley 🙂

  1. Scott,

    Stop the search. These bags are everything photographers have been looking for in the one bag for a long time..


    1. Tim,

      Did you place your order via the USA site as I have not yet received it from them and I would love to be able to get this bag to you ASAP. Talk to you soon.


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