Papua New Guinea gallery is online

I am proud and thrilled to present the first selection of images from my November 2010 trip to Papua New Guinea, onboard the best ship in the world, The True North. I captured more than 1500 images, 90% of them travel images and portraits, exactly what I wanted to explore, the challenge I wanted to venture further beyond my landscapes. I am pleased with the results and eager to get out and do more travel- and people photography. These are the first 27 images released, click to go to the gallery:


All feedback and comments very welcome. There are more images coming online, keep your eyes on this blog and the gallery.

Thank you to my fellow musketeers Mark Stothard and Christian Fletcher and the entire brilliant crew of True North. If you ever get the chance, go! I have done quite a few trips around the world, and this PNG cruise on True North ranks somewhere in my top three, at least. Also; should you need an experienced photo guide to ensure you get the best photos from your PNG True North holiday, I am very available!


12 Comments on “Papua New Guinea gallery is online”

  1. Hi Flemming,

    Great set of images there! Island of perfection, Paradise Dawn, Beach Boy and Hanging out in the Village are my picks. Gold!

    Look forward to more

    Cheers, Matt

  2. Great images Flemming! Brings back some awesome memories for me..

    I must have very similar taste to my twin bro Matt as those would have to be my favourites too!

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