Craft & Vision eBooks. Gear is good. Vision is better

CVBanner125x250 I am a big fan of the high quality ebooks from Craft & Vision. The slogan “gear is good, vision is better” is exactly how I feel and what I have been ‘preaching’ in posts like A little less Tech a little more Art. I recently became an affiliate of Craft & Vision and will very soon be posting reviews of the books I have purchased so far. Using my affiliate link, you will support Craft & Vision and me as well. The Craft & Vision ebooks are high quality ebooks written by brilliant photographers like David duChemin and Michael Frye. The ebooks are a great and cheap way to greatly improving your vision and your craft – and they cost only 5 US dollars. 5 Dollars for greatly improving your photography, much more than expensive gear can help you. Cannot beat that price! Actually you can, because presently the code LAND4 gets you 20% off Michael Frye’s brand new Light & Land book and LAND20 gets you 20% off when you buy 5 or more ebooks. The codes expire at 11:59pm PST December 19, 2010 so head right over to Craft & Vision’s website!

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  1. I'm with you all the way FBJ! I have almost all (didn't buy the business oriented ones) and the first thing I did the other day after buying a new duplex colour laser printer was print the whole lot up and bind them all as they will get a workout over and over again.

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