People of the PNG TNFP Jungle

Captured deep in the wild jungles of Papua New Guinea, risking life and limb and camera to the distinct possibility of ending up speared and as the main course for dinner. Fierce warriors of the jungle, ready to pounce, muscles honed through thousands of years of perfect harmonious living in and of nature. To boldly go where no fair skinned Nomad Photographer has ventured before.

Of course, in reality, these are the friendliest people you can imagine and  were part of a great visit to the Korfure Village. We were hit by a tropical downpour the equivalent of standing under a fire hydrant; and the only risk to life and limbs and cameras came from the incredible amount of water from the sky. Quite a few cameras drowned here. Let us not dwell on the fact that True North Mark fired away smiling with his Canon 1Ds while Christian and  I could do nothing but spit out ‘bastard’ as we protected our cameras from death by rainfall. At the end, the rain eased and I captured this as we were leaving the village. I believe I have shown a snapshot of this image earlier, an image I really love and an image that deserves to be seen as a large print on a large wall somewhere. This is jungle warriors of Korfure Village:

png-jungle people


I extend Christian Fletcher much gratitude for the look of this image. As I sat next to him working on this image he showed me the one and only original TNFP workflow. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, TNFP! While everyone else can get the T-shirts from Christan’s new business venture, I have the actual That’s Not F#cking Possible Photoshop workflow! It certainly an awesome dark and moody feel to my already brilliant (of course hehe) image and it lifted the image quite a bit.

PS. I have been immortalised. Get yourself some Flembot merchandise from Christian’s shop. It’s the design with all the text. The Flembot coffee mug is a must have!

10 Comments on “People of the PNG TNFP Jungle”

  1. Hey,

    It's a cracker, really great work. I would say this is your best shot from the trip. I wish I could have made it along, seems like you guys had a great time.



  2. Nicely done Flemming! The TFNP filter/workflow worked well on this image! I myself quite like the SIAS filter.

    All the best for Xmas & New Year. Bet you are glad you are not in Europe right now!

    1. Thank you very much Zane, I agree, when are NG going to call 🙂

      The TNFP workflow + some extra "Nick Rains" curve work is simple and works great. Might do a tutorial one day or I'll shoot you an email.

  3. It looks like an image that had ticked all the right boxes out of the camera and the post processing has brought out those qualities beautifully. That TNFP workflow is about as far from those smooth creamy landscapes as you can get. By the way, you left off the TM and © symbols when you talk about TNFP – you might get a call from his lawyers 🙂 Nevertheless this one is sure to be printed large at some stage and will look fantastic.

    1. Thanks Muzz, glad you like it and yes the image was already great out of the camera – I always tell people, you can improve a good image, can't make a shitty image into a good one. Has to be good to start with.

      This may be one image that I should do a Photoshop tutorial on, but then again, your words are wise – The Fletcher legal department might let out the big dogs to hunt 🙂

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