Colours of Roebuck Bay of Broome

The pristine Kimberley is quite the extraordinary spectrum of light, especially to the human eye unaccustomed to tropical saturation. Roebuck Bay of Western Australia is a playground for colours with an almost surreal mix of pindan red dirt, turquoise milky ocean and blue sky. The place was alive with birds and fish and again proves how stunning the Kimberley is, I do hope we the humans can keep it this way.  

broome-roebuck bay

In between drinks, food and diving in the pool in what was a very lovely Christmas, Nigel Gaunt and I managed a short photo session at Roebuck Bay. I captured the above image, going for a simple layered composition where the colours are the subject. Only a 30 minutes drive out of town this bay is pure tranquility and another reason why Broome and the Kimberley is a special place in the universe. A place that must be saved.

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    1. Thanks Dylan. Yes the layers here makes it and I deliberately left the colours to be soft but still vibrant, shying away from over saturating everything and trying a new softer style.

  1. Certainly captured the true essence of the landscape in this neck of the woods with this one Flemming. Amazing what a simple mix of beautiful colours can create. Well done.

  2. Two years ago I had the pleasure of going to the Kimberleys for my holidays and fell in love with its natural beauty

    I think it is wrong to destroy such a natural beauty the Kimberleys should be a Nature & MArine Parks so for generations to come the world can come and also fall in love with its natural beauty

    1. Thanks for your comment. Kimberley should indeed be a National Park area and protected. By all means, we need the gas but process it out to sea or in Karatha. We must preserve the few remaining wilderness areas and what is very sacred country.

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