Red alert. Picture of the year. It simply does not get any more epic than this.

I had the great pleasure of spending a weekend down South with True North Mark and Lee-Anne, staying at the amazing True North Ashore. Saturday morning we met up with Christian Fletcher and Ian Wiese for a sunrise shoot at Wyadup Rocks. The magic light did not really happen (same as the cyclone we were promised), but an hour later at Bears I shot the picture of the year.

Behold, Mark the “Mo” and ‘Big Wednesday Gerry Lopez’ surfer smashing those waves on the big red alert board:

Mo Mark the Surfer

There is no doubt this will be the profile image for the upcoming True North Mark website we are working on.


21 thoughts on “True North “Mo” Mark Surfin’

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  1. Christian Fletcher 10 years ago

    amazing Moe and action there Flembot, you have achieved greatness. I am sure Mark will make some comment about the subject matter. Nice Altered Moescape!!

  2. mervfrench 10 years ago

    Bloddy hell that's Dipper !!!! ( ask Mark Flemming )

  3. True North Mark 10 years ago

    Now there's a 'Mo' ment in time mate!

    And yes indeed perfect subject matter for sure!

    Reminiscent of my Mo from yesteryear for sure!

  4. Neal Pritchard 10 years ago

    Does he do 70's retro porn work … sure looks that way LOL

  5. Adrian Wayte 10 years ago

    Its the Hoff !

  6. Andrea Green 10 years ago

    Yeh I agree Michelle, Merv Hughes for sure, I reckon Flemming needs to send it in somewhere with a Merv Hughes picture and Mo Mark and he'd win something for sure.

    1. mervfrench 10 years ago

      I still think he looks more like Dipper, if you know who he is !!!!

      1. Andrea Green 10 years ago

        Yeh I know who Dipper is Merv, DP Diminico or something like that I think, wasn't he a footy player for Hawthorn? My parents are footy fanatics and my mum's favourite team before the Eagles came about was Hawthorn.

        I just googled him, your right I think more like Dipper than Merv Hughes, I take back the comment and change it to Dipper instead of Merv Hughes.

        Oh wise Merv you are.

  7. Andrea Green 10 years ago

    Hey, how do I upload a picture for the little box? I'm so unco with this.

    1. mervfrench 10 years ago

      Just keep remembering who the wise one is and you'll be ok !! 🙂

      Andrea go to your blog and in the menues on the left hand side which you will find after you click on one of the tabs top LHS go to to users , my profile,and you can set up a picture for the little box in there.

      1. Andrea Green 10 years ago

        Thanks Merv, I'll do that.

  8. True North Mark 10 years ago

    There is one problem with that advice Merv…Andrea doesn't have a blog! 🙂

    Andrea, you need to start a blog and then you can upload an Avatar!

    1. mervfrench 10 years ago

      I thought she said she had one but doesn't use it , maybe I got that wrong.

      Could be a case of " not often I'm right but this time I'm wrong " !!! 🙂

    1. mervfrench 10 years ago

      Nothing wrong with being right !!!

  9. Andrea Green 10 years ago

    So sorry Mark to have to say you are wrong (trying to put a crooked smily face but I don't know how lol )

    I do have a blog like Merv said but I haven't put anything up on it yet. BUT I am going to hopefully next week when I've finished some work and have some time. All of you guys have convinced me to just go ahead and do it so I'm gonna bite the bullet and stop being worried that my stuff isn't good enough. I'm putting up on the blog but that you guys have to be nice and your only allowed to give constructive criticism not be mean. I might cry or something BWAA HAAA.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

      Hi Andrea, look forward to seeing some shots – and go for it, get the blog posts up and we promise to play nice 😀

  10. Andrea Green 10 years ago

    Oh geez thanks Flemming.