The Man Who Fell to Earth

I often return to my images from New Mexico when I feel like tripping down memory lane and testing new Photoshop techniques on altered landscapes. New Mexico is a state I would love to explore more, a heaven of altered landscapes with plenty of windmills, farms, silos, towns in wide open arid settings. Motels advertising ‘Colour TV’, restaurants advertising ‘aliens welcome’  and the UFO museum of Roswell all add to the great character of New Mexico. Last but not least, the 27 radar dishes at Very Large Array, captured here as the day turns to night. I processed this in a New Mexico appropriate faded 50s scifi movie poster style.


The Man Who Fell to Earth could be about yours truly, it is a Nicolas Roeg scifi movie featuring David Bowie that scared my to death when I watched it on TV as a small kid. I have never seen it again but must re-watch it. Perhaps as I return to New Mexico one day.


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    1. Thanks mate, if you want a print now I am sure we can arrange something no problem, pay a bit to use Mark's printer or similar. I really don't know how the title came to be, just looking at the image and there it was.

  1. Flemming! You have captured one of the many facets of NM very well! I love the picture. Funny how Nm gets in your blood. I have a strong desire recently to get back to White Sands as I have not been there in many years! Perhaps your posting is the kick I need. Take care.


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