Rottnest Island and further abyss exploring

rottnest-fbj-abyss I had a most fantastic weekend at Rottnest Island with True North Mark and family, thanks so much to you Mark and Lee-Anne. Everything was just gold, from monster crayfish to snorkeling with a large stingrays to capturing aweinspiring clouds on a perfect Saturday at Rottnest. And ending the trip on an extreme high down below I had my scuba dive no. 2. I shall tell the story in a few of my quickly developed snapshots, do read on.

Mark with two of five monster crayfish he caught while diving. Yes 17mm makes it look like a really cool 50s scifi movie poster (Return of The Man with Crayfish Hands!) but these were actually quite large crayfish!


Quintessential Rottnest on a most perfect Saturday at Longreach Bay:


Capturing the Lighthouse at dusk:


The lighthouse a while later at rise of the full moon (which I shall possible paste in later from another exposure) :


Finally, as mentioned I did my second scuba dive lesson with my good friend True North Mark and it was even more amazing this time. Jumping, well, falling, backwards in from the tender boat and a 20 minute dive at 5 meters depth among fish and corrals navigating coral walls and tunnels. Sensational, I am so hooked and thank you so much Mark. Image by Mark, well done mate, as that Canon G11 is almost impossible to shoot with underwater:


Rottnest Bliss. Nowhere else but here.


13 Comments on “Rottnest Island and further abyss exploring”

  1. Crayfish? Crayfish are little things that live in fresh water creeks. Them monsters are lobsters!

    Looks like you had a fantastic time!

  2. I don't think I've seen you write about anything with such love in a long time. Are you looking to get your diving certification before Nomad III?

    1. I don't know if there will be a Nomad part III, but I am definitely getting a diving certificate having discovered this amazing new world. My number 1 would be to get a spaceship and be an astronaut, that seems unlikely but I've discovered scuba diving gives me the same feeling.

    1. Thanks Neal, yup it was a truly awesome weekend. I got my first decent shots from Rotto and I did more scuba diving!!!! and more exclamation points!!! was awesome!

      Btw that moonrise shot is a very quickly developed SilverFX version hehe, I will do a proper version when I release it 🙂

  3. You are certainly developing that champagne taste for the good things in life! You might have to become an Australian if you want free and regular access to some of the most beautiful diving areas on this big blue planet. Surely you are almost there, just a bit more of the local lingo to learn. Keep it up.

    1. Hehe, I don't want to become an Australian no offense 🙂 I am very much a European. Though I might become a resident alien though as you're right, Australia is home to so many fantastic things. I actually know a lot more Australian lingo and accent than I let on, but I prefer to keep my English and accent as neutral and "Old English" as possible, old chap. Having said that, I have trouble pronouning words like "water" without saying "woter" like Aussies do 🙂

        1. Hehe, most Aussies seem to think I have no accent at all and I try hard to speak a clean English with no accent…but Americans in particular think I sound extremely Australian 😀

          Anyway as I always say "best to have an undefinable exotic accent, makes me sound mysterious and interesting" (well I can always hope)

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