Cambodia gallery launched

It is with great pleasure and pride I present to you the first 21 images from my trip to Cambodia. I have worked hard on these images capturing them in Cambodia, and developing them, creating a new style for them that I found fitting. It is in my opinion the best images and art I have created, and I hope you shall take your time in studying them. Click the image to view the gallery:

Cambodia. Flemming Bo Jensen

Cambodia was a fantastic country to visit and shoot. Wonderful smiling curious people and beautiful landscapes, temples and villages. More images to come, stay tuned. I hope you enjoy Cambodia through my eyes.


My photography guide in Cambodia was Nathan Horton – highly recommended.

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    1. Thanks my friend. Yes she's 77 and has basically been sitting down so much all her life, her knees are incredibly flexible. Sitting is her strong force, walking was not as her legs do not get used much – she walked like Yoda.

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