Guardian of Ta Keo

I have written at lengths about our two monk friends Thun and Purt and how they excelled at modeling for me and Nathan Horton in Cambodia. I have such a large collection of images of them I like I am finding it hard to not overload my Cambodia gallery with monk images. I could do a whole gallery on monks. Today I shall present a sunset view of one of the towers of the temple of East Mebon Ta Keo. Angkor is home to so many splendid temples it becomes hard to place my images. I really must find an arial image to show you, there is no way to describe in words the absolutely massive scale of the town of Angkor. But keep this figure in mind, one million people lived here at one time!


In my next blog post I shall feature a behind the scenes look from Cambodia. Stay tuned.

EDIT: The temple is actually Ta Keo, not Mebon. Probably should have researched that before I wrote the post!

4 Comments on “Guardian of Ta Keo”

  1. Very nice, poignant even. Really deep and meaning feel to this one mate. Maybe even more powerful less saturated or duo/B&W ?

    Yep I agree – it was great talking the other day 🙂

    happy shooting !

    1. Thank you very much Tone! Perhaps less saturated is a good idea, I shall try that. I don't want to loose the orange robe but it might reinforce the image to desaturate the rest even further.

  2. I was there 25 years ago before the hoards western tourists discovered the Cambodian temples, there was no children selling souvenirs back then, really has turned into mess….. but love the shots you've' sown so far….

    1. Thank you Peter. Yes it really is a circus, we arrived about 45 minutes before sunrise at Angkor Wat to get the best position at the very front. When the sun did rise and I looked behind me, it was 5 rows deep at least.

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