Rural scapes of Australia’s South West

The very beginning of January Christian Fletcher, Neal Pritchard, Tony Spencer and I embarked on a great photo camping adventure to Esperance in Australia’s South West. While the beaches and bays of Esperance are certainly blindingly stunning, they can also become a bit too pretty and boring and I must admit to enjoying the 16 hours of travel from and to Dunsborough equally or perhaps more. We were treated to some beautiful clouds and great rural countryside scenes. And some truly dodgy roadhouses selling equally dodgy food I shall forever regret consuming. I will take a Cambodian roadside food stall any day. Today, I present two ruralscapes from South West Australia.

A farm near Esperance, processed to have the look of a faded painting. The heat has actually blurred parts of this image and the compressed look is from the 100-400mm lens.


Driving back from Esperance via Stirling Ranges we had stunning clouds all the way. I remember some awesome looking silos that I would have liked in the foreground of this capture of a wheat field. Alas, missed opportunity. There are a few poles in the background but I would like a silo or similar to complete this altered landscape.


I have hundreds of images from my stay in Australia that I have yet to even touch in Lightroom, as Papua New Guinea and Cambodia have been my main priority. True North Mark, David Bettini and I are about to embark on our 13 day Kimberley True North cruise. So certainly, many more Australian ‘scapes to come.


PS. I dearly wish I could present a video of Christian spending 20 minutes packing his tent. Pure gold.

8 Comments on “Rural scapes of Australia’s South West”

      1. 108 Degree F. that certainly qualifies as hot for sure. They remind me of baked places east of here in the summer.

        Ah yes, As I recall you rather like baking the cold out of those Danish bones.


  1. Hey Flemming,

    I like the effect that you've done on the top shot it's cool. I like it cause it's different to the norm.

    I like the simplicity of the bottom one, although I know what you mean and a silo would have looked pretty cool.

    All I can say for Christian is BWAAAA HAAAAAA, he's been giving me heaps so I have to get a little payback whenever I can.

    1. We're not much better than Christian, we all had a go at that ridiculous tent and folding that thing into a collapsing figure 8 while positively rolling around laughing proved the work of NASA scientists! Oh that was funny, the rest of the campsite agreed.

      Glad you like the images Andrea!

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