Capturing the Kimberley Coast

Come this Saturday 12th of March True North Mark and I are flying to Broome to join up with David Bettini and Greg Munyard and do a 13 day cruise up the remarkable wilderness of the Kimberley Coast on board the True North. Pictured here is an image I captured back in November at James Price Point on the Kimberley Coast. We are venturing much further North than this to explore coastline, rivers, reefs and points I have never seen before; am awfully excited.


Farewell Polaris, good day True North

For the past 6 weeks as I have been creating the website and blog for my friend True North Mark my office has been rather fantastic. I have been living on Mark’s boat Polaris in the Fremantle harbour and I present a polaroid of a favourite time on the boat; coffee at sunset.

fbj-sunset-polaris copy

Living on Polaris has been simply marvelous and healing for the soul. A record Summer in Fremantle and the great South Beach right next door has been pure sun & water therapy (if there is such a thing, there should be). I thank you deeply Mark, it is awesome! I am a nomad favoured by good karma presently, as I mentioned earlier I am stepping right onto Mark’s other boat – the incredible True North. Captured here by Christian in the heli is True North and I from Papua New Guinea:

fbj on true north arial fa copy

Stay tuned for images from our Kimberley adventure, I hope to post a few along the way. Till then, be well.


PS. If you find yourself living on a boat, these tips may come in handy. When sleeping in a bunk, try not to have intense dreams and sit up really fast. Ouch! When drying board shorts on a windy night, don’t leave them out on the back deck as they will not be there in the morning. And if you’re a Star Wars geek, shout “That wasn’t a laser blast, something hit us” when you knock your head on the bathroom door for the umpteenth time!

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  1. Hey Flemming, hard to tell from this photo but are your toes starting to web together a little these days? 🙂

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