Face of a dancer

Some faces capture your eyes immediately. Capturing that possibly un-definable quality in an image is a tough challenge I find. Sometimes I do not notice this quality until I look at the images later. I have two portraits of this striking looking man from the canoe festival in Alotau in Papua New Guinea and I am unable to remember shooting them. This is my second portrait of him, preparing for his groups performance dance at the festival:


The first image can be seen here, Proud Dancer. For this second portrait I wanted to draw attention to only the face so I have darkened and de-saturated the rest of the image. Captured only hours after landing at Alotau being somewhat overwhelmed by everything, I managed a few nice images at this great festival but feel could have performed better. The opportunities were fantastic, so many different dancers and costumes. One fortunately constantly learns.


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    1. PNG is home to hundreds of different tribes and people and the country featuring the most languages in the world (something like 600 I think). "Locals" look very different from island to island, so this guy definitely looks local, from his island.

          1. It's not a question of narcissism. It won't hurt when you

            'check in' and take what I consider to be healthy pride in what you've accomplished since your blog's been up. Your

            self=portrait is a healthy reminder of who you are as a person & this image of your face directly reflects your great adventurous spirit.

  1. HA HA Mark, come on you gotta give credit where it's due, that's alright if his heads too big I have lot's of needles, you can borrow one and deflate it a bit lol. Is he coming back for good to Perth or just a quick trip?

  2. Flemming, came across your blog from the comment you posted on Mark's blog from (true north). This is a beautiful shot. Have you had success in selling it? Would you mind if i had a contact (local talented Papua New Guinean painter) paint it?

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