Hunter River

The morning is warm and humid. There is little wind and the sun has yet to rise. The colours are soft and gentle. A most beautiful and special feeling it is to be here. It is the mighty Hunter River of the Kimberley, Western Australia and home to one of my favourite images from our epic two weeks of True North adventure. Captured a short time after sunrise, I like the gentleness of this image. The faded colours, the ancient majestic Kimberley rocks and the soft palette of blues in the clouds.


This is a single image with moderate processing and a slight texture. Featuring a soft gentle look and muted colours it won’t fare well on the internet I fear, but I like it. As I previously said, I am taking my landscapes in a new direction and love to experiment. I shall wish to be put to sleep should I ever loose the urge to learn and change.

PS. As we returned to True North after a mornings hard work we learned that it was pancake morning. Fortunately lovely Rihanna had saved some for us, these are the best pancakes in the world. I had 6 large pancakes with syrup and almonds and two coffees (simultaneously, one cup for each hand, I kid you not). Do not attempt this unless you possess superpowers.

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  1. Nice moody shot Flemming. It is nice to see the Hunter in a different setting to the usual bright blue skies and imposing red/cream cliffs. You are a lucky man to have capture this impressive River in its wet season splendor.

    1. Thank you Rod, it was indeed special to see it this time of year. In the wet the Kimberley really shines, I have done the ultimate Kimberley trip, never to be repeated nor outdone.

  2. The Hunter R. would be one of my favourite spots on the Kimberley Coast. I could spend a day just shooting the different light on Indian Head! Nice one Flemming.

  3. Looks like you are still having fun on your travels mate! Lovely image here, like you say very gentle and definitely one for print rather than online.

    You ever going to be back in Europe to come Aurora hunting in the Arctic? Its going to be hilarious seeing you up there after seeing how cold you were in Esperance! 🙂

    Hope you are well mate!

    1. Hi Tony! I really want to join you on Aurora hunting. Possibly I can fashion some sort of bubble fully contained suit that has an interior climate of tropical. Some sort of modified space suit! Hope you are well too mate.

    1. Oh darn, I forgot you were sitting next to me when I loaded up on superpowers I mean pancakes. No you know the secret. Fortunately you yourself had two pancakes and are now part of the League of Epicness Superheroes.

        1. True Jedi power comes from within, but pancake power is mighty as well and you did get a bit (next time, eat 6 of them!). Also your flightcase might have something to do with the survival of the Phase 🙂

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