My website features a beautiful new background designed by the great designer and photographer Jesse Speer. I loved the old desert background but felt like a change, I wanted a new background featuring faces and places from my recent images and radiate life and warmth. Jesse Speer again delivered magic and I love the new background. It is a bit more busy but is much more where my photography is now. We also decided to just go with a tiny text logo with my name and let the site and my work speak for itself. Jesse calls it an anti-logo and I like it very much. Have a look at

Flemming Bo Jensen

Remember to also checkout the Recent Work and Portfolio: People and Portfolio:Landscapes galleries.

I believe Jesse Speer’s background in itself is a work of art, have a look, click to see:



6 thoughts on “Website re-design

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  1. mervfrench 10 years ago

    Can’t see it !!!!!

  2. mervfrench 10 years ago

    It’s there now ….. wasn’t a minute ago.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

      Are you driving the tractor without glasses again Merv? No, sorry I forgot to write, you need to refresh your browser cache for the new background to appear.

  3. Charlene 10 years ago

    Love it! It’s very you-fuji if that makes sense

  4. Adrian wayte 10 years ago

    Yeah looks good flembo
    Nice work indeed cheers Adrian