Chau; America Del Sur

First, merry Christmas and happy new years. Somewhat late, apologies, but it is a new year somewhere in the universe. Been absent from my blog for a while as I knocked about South America in my time machine. Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and now Chile. Spent the past 3 weeks in Peru. Christmas in Peru equals massive fun filled festivals full of colourful costumes, food and beer, lasting days even months. One of my favourite photos from our workshop in Peru: Two boys from the ‘barrio’ neighborhood of Arequipa in Peru, ready for the Christmas festival party.

peru- christmas boys

Argentina and Bolivia were very bumpy roads indeed for me. Fortunately Peru was quite the opposite and super. The 16 day Adam Weintraub workshop in Peru; with Daniel Milnor as our teacher + Dan’s wife Amy Kawadler and Adam Weintraub as co-instructors, was absolutely phenomenal. Exceeded my high expectations. A million laughs round the clock, have not laughed that much for a long time, very needed. Great locations, lectures, reviews, one-on-one sessions, photo-shoots and . Learned a lot and captured some nice photo essays which I shall share soon. We ended with 5 days expedition in the Amazon jungle, simply brilliant. Thanks to the whole group, the giggle crew, for an outstanding time. Our hardest moment was attempting not to laugh during a night walk in the Amazon jungle where we were supposed to be quiet. We lasted all of 10 minutes before chatting, laughing. Special thanks to Adam, my great amigo, photographer and organizer, thanks also for having me at your place in Cusco and you and your family’s great hospitality. I shall return, I trust you Adam to fix the weather in Cusco for me! Special thanks to Dan for the inspiration, ideas, help, reviews, and many, many laughs. Anytime you want me to quote the entire Star Wars movie from memory, just let me know – “you’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”.

Possibly need to regenerate like Doctor Who soon. My once healthy body is also in need of a home, immune system needs fixing. Caught a vicious stomach bug and a bad cold in Peru. Hoping some Summer in Australia will help, taking the time machine for a spin again and splash down in Perth on Friday.

More to come, till then, be well.

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  1. You are a grand writer my friend, and funny. Our time machine home was thirty-hours, jungle to front door. I too and feeling a bit slow, but nothing some smog and Hawaiian shirts won’t fix.

  2. It’s good to read and see what you have been up to.

    I was in Peru and Equador in 2002; really amazing places with deep history. It was that trip that lured me back into digital photography as it was emerging. (Use the antibiotics when the Incan revenge kicks in, don’t wait hoping it will pass).

    As always, I look forward to your posts.

  3. It’s good to read your update. Even though we don’t know each other, I am very taken by your photographic journeys. This workshop sounds like an acknowledgement of your skills and it must have been good if it exceeded your high expectations! And a laughing workshop as well, sounds fantastic. Welcome back to Oz and Perth this week. It’s hot, it’s burning up north and the people in Broome are defiantly resisting the gas hub developments there. Take care of your precious immuun system. Looking forward to more delights for the eyes!

  4. Looks like a fantastic trip you’ve just been on…and I love your shot of the kids in their masks…the power lines above keep niggling at me though – picky, I know but my eye goes straight to it. Hope you have a great time back in Perth…I have to say we’re missing the sunshine a little bit. We saw the sun 2 days ago (the first time in weeks) for about 10 minutes…have a beer for me when you get to Perth. Looking forward to the photo essay. 🙂

      1. Sorry for the late response…have a hard time catching up with the blogs (but always keep my eye on yours) It’s a shame that your experience was that great…it’s so hard sometimes…the expectation is that everywhere new should be wonderful and it’s not always the case. We’re in Prague at the moment. Funny…I wasn’t that bothered about coming here but now that I am, I am loving it. Some great images just waiting to be taken. Just about to head our for dinner but will catch up on your blog when I get back. Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine in Perth (could do with some myself!)

        1. Hi Sandy. Hope you’re enjoying Prague. I do not expect new places to be wonderful. I just expect them to be new, both good and bad. Living on the road for so long has taught me that life everywhere is still just life. And I am not saying Argentina and Bolivia are not wonderful, just that my experience was not all positive and lacking a bit for me on the ‘good’ side.

  5. Hej Flemming
    Håber du hurtigt må blive frisk. Det er spændende at læse om dine oplevelser og se de fantastiske billeder. Pøj pøj
    Mange hilsner fra Lilian (DK)

  6. Great to hear from you again man and can’t wait for your photo essays from the trip and the workshop time. Looks like you and all the kids there had a great time in Peru and plenty of fun and knowledge sharing – killer combination !

    Hope you’re feeling well now and getting all the sun goodness in Oz ! Say hello to C if you’re going to see her down in Perth. Cheers

  7. FBJ!
    What a write-up. I think getting you back to Peru will be a priority in 2013, if not on our trip to Colombia 😉 Would love to reunite the giggle bus/boat/plane – maybe Santa Fe, NM or else it’ll have to just be you and me in Cusco. I can handle that…so long as you stay healthy and enjoy my Pisco.
    Hugs from the other Down Under.

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