The Upside-Down Diaries 2012

If it’s time to go, remember what you’re leaving. Remember the best. My friends have always been the best of me. Farewell Australia, so long Australian friends, see you soon in the universe. My time machine has — a bit on the slow side — brought me half way around the world, again. Splashed down in Copenhagen Tuesday afternoon. In saying goodbye to my friends in my second home land of Australia, there are no words for expressing my gratitude. Thank you so much. Substituting images for words, enjoy this slideshow of some off-beat images from my Upside-Down Diaries 2012:

In mentioning names, I apologize should I forget a few: Very special mega thanks to my buddy in all things epic, True North Mark – and Lee-Anne. Jedi soul mate Charlene, see you in New Mexico my dear friend! Christian, Jen, always awesome and the Fletcher Resort rocks. Nigel, Helen, Peta, Greg & Maria, Jeanne & Ken, Dave, Andrea, Paul, Mark G, Greg T, Glenn, Steph, list goes on, I am so fortunate to know you all – cheers mates! Till next time, be well.
Hello Denmark, greetings Danish friends and family. A new adventure commences. May the force be with us all.

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  1. Hi Flem,

    I hope the trip back wasn’t too bad and that the new adventure goes well, let me know how the M6 quest goes? It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to keeping in touch…


  2. Awesome images as always mate. We had a ball together with our latest adventures and it was a pleasure having you around.

    You know you always have a home here when you need it and hopefully we will see you later in the year if things come together.

    Stay well mate and enjoy catching up with the people in your parallel universe! 🙂

  3. Ahh, good times. Mark’s shot of you with the seals really captures you in your element.

    Happy birthday buddy. Here’s to 860 more!

    (and yes, see you during NM2012!)

  4. Hey mate! We’re missing you already: There’s still a bit of a hole here with you not being around. I so valued your guidance and often ask myself “What would Flemming do here?”

    I’m not going to start a fruitless bidding war with Markie Mark but you know there’s always a room for you here, too.

    And keep seeding your parallel universe!

    May the force be with you.

    1. Thanks so much Greg, means a lot to me. So annoyed I messed up on the dates that Tuesday two weeks ago, but perhaps it was just meant to be next time!
      See you next Summer. I don’t care how, I’ll make the time machine fly again some how, I am coming to Fremantle Summer 2013. See you soon.

      1. Mate, it was meant to be like that. EVERYthing happens for a reason! Summer 2013 you little beauty!!

  5. I have been finalising paperwork for the JPP exhibition funding by ART ON THE MOVE and thought to have a look at your blog for any comments about the exhibition. I only got this far and saw all our names mentioned and misted up the glasses. The photo show is lovely, thanks for such great memories and so wonderful to have met you. You always have a house here in Broome.
    Then we made fire 🙂

    1. “Then we made fire” 😀 brings back such great memories 🙂

      Thanks Helen, I hope to see you and Nigel again very soon. Man I wish I had a real TARDIS and could be everywhere. I have not written about the exhibition yet, so many things happened at the end of March I am a bit behind on writing. See you soon in the universe!

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