DOKUMENTAR is Danish for documentary — the rest of the Danish language is not quite that easy. I recently created a small mini-portfolio book, 40 pages, 40 images of documentary work from the past year. The idea is to always carry this book, every day, so whenever I am out shooting and want to convey to people I meet what I’m after, what I’m doing, I have this book. It’s a Blurb tradebook, 6×9 inches, and nicely thin and light being only 40 pages. The idea of carrying small books in the field comes from me amigo Daniel Milnor.

The book uses a rotated spread as you can see and that works quite well. Book making is ridiculously fun and addictive, it does not always have to be 3-5 month massive projects like my previous two books, this one was done in 2 very fun creative hours of editing, sequencing and bookmaking. I look forward to showing this to people in the field as I work and try to convey what I am doing, what I’m looking for, hoping this will help break down barriers, build trust and start communication (as far as I’m able to communicate with humans that is!).

You can purchase the book for 15 EUROS from Blurb, click here.


10 thoughts on “DOKUMENTAR: Mini-portfolio book

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  1. Alison 9 years ago

    what a great idea ! its small enough to carry with you but clear enough so people can see your work. I love these photographs , what camera did you use for these?

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 9 years ago

      Thanks! Yes it’s a genius idea 🙂 I can’t take all credit though, my friend Daniel Milnor is the ideas man. A lot of these images, most of them, are shot with a Fuji X100, a few with the Fuji X-pro1 and a few with a Canon 5D MK II.

  2. Daniel Milnor 9 years ago

    I think we need a book of FBJ self portraits while reenacting scenes from Star Wars.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 9 years ago

      Yes, I think that’s what the world needs. Perhaps a side-project for you in New Mexico when I get there?

  3. Brendan 9 years ago

    Just bought this- looking forward to seeing it in the flesh

      1. Brendan 9 years ago

        Enjoying it very much! I’ve been away for a while, so the blurb book was waiting when I got back. Great work Fleming.

  4. Serge Van Cauwenbergh 9 years ago

    I also got introduced to these books through Daniel. It’s a great idea. Lately, I was hesistating to create such a pocket or trade book as I’m looking for a horizontal format. Although I’m not very keen on turning the book in order to view the images, these little books are mere an introduction to your work and you as a photographer when working in the field. Well, honestly, you convinced me 🙂 I will prepare such a book with my work very soon!