A gorgeous sunny afternoon in New Mexico, April 2013. Charlene having landed only hours earlier, is soaking up the magical silence in the wide open spaces near Galisteo.

After a mad and magic Summer of Copenhagen’s music festivals, in a few weeks we will yet again throw hats over walls and fences and do what we gypsy time-travelers like to do: Explore all of time and space, searching for magic. First stop Morocco.


2 thoughts on “All of Time and Space

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  1. charlene 8 years ago

    It should noted that this particular moment was rather significant, given what I went through to get to New Mexico that time!

    That first real look at at the clouds and the light spilling over the land was a moment of gratitude, relief, joy, and the strange feeling of finally being safe.

    Just like the guy next to me on the plane had said “you must be glad to be coming home.”

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 8 years ago

      Yes quite an ordeal getting in the country, to get to the magic – fortunately we found the magic right away!