Magic, Every Day

2013. It has been the craziest of time-travel years. And it has been the best ever in my 901 years. I learned that true magic exists, completely turned my world around. Magic, every day, she is. Am the luckiest, happiest of time-travelers. Inspiring me to be awesome. Sometimes it may not possible but when I can, I say – Be Awesome.

Merry Christmas to all.

7 Comments on “Magic, Every Day”

  1. Like life itself, faith moves in circles; the larger your faith, the smaller the circumference. Blessings for the next year…

  2. And a merry christmas right back to you at the Awesomian Institute of Singaparoo 😉

    May your days (continue to) be (mostly) merry and bright
    and may all your christmases be….alight 🙂


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