Our Road

This road goes on forever, stretching all around the world.

This road goes on forever, we make magic happen.

This road goes on forever, I am so lucky to be able to explore it with you.

(The double page spread is from a handmade book we made last year)

8 Comments on “Our Road”

  1. I second, Sofia

    There’s almost music coming out of this posting, very poetic.

    Sort of Ry Cooder with Dobro and slide-ish

  2. “The road is long
    With many winding turns,
    That leads us to
    Who knows where
    Who knows where..”

    This would be an appropriate snippet of lyrics if I didn’t have such a funny memory about this song 😀

  3. Heyas 🙂 I thought there is a road crossing just off the photo 🙂 but well, continuing straight on might be the better choice rather than turning left or right as long as it reflects your gut instinct.

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