MOSAIK – my TV talkshow debut

mosaik-coverA few weeks ago I get a phone call from TV and Movie producer, director and writer Mads Tobias Olsen. “Hey would you like to appear on my TV talkshow?”. “Ehm, yeah, sure, sounds like fun” was my reaction (can’t keep a diva out of the limelight).

Mads’ show is called MOSAIK and is about integration and ethnicity and normally deals with local issues in Copenhagen. This time he wanted to flip the perspective and have me talk about my nomad life, why I choose to live like this, my experiences traveling around the world for 5 years and most importantly – my perspective on Copenhagen and integration, multi-culturalism from a nomadic traveling Dane spending most of his time abroad. I must commend Mads’ on being extremely prepared and having read close to my entire blog. It made for good questions from Mads’ and I was quite happy with the fact I was more concise and on topic than normally (I tend to waffle on a bit).

It was filmed “live to tape” last week and was a great experience. They also featured 50 of my images in the background of the talk, which look cool. The show is in Danish so get going on those language lessons if you don’t already speak this wonderful weird language! Enjoy, oh and spot the point where my restless body becomes so restless I have to start dancing to some inner beats. If the embedding does not work, go here: Thanks to Mads for having me on the show, it was fun and a good learning experience.

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  1. Super at få sat lidt flere ord på dine oplevelser, din motivation og lysten til at opleve denne fantastiske verden vi lever i, mere af det! 🙂

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