Get In The Loop – Ebook release!


After 6 months of work through 6 countries, today I am incredibly proud and happy to finally be able to release Get in The Loop – How To Make Great Music Images – my new ebook on music photography.

Do you love music and want to make great better pictures? This ebook is for you! 220 pages of:

  • How to get started – How to get in the loop! How to create your portfolio, get known, get paid.
  • Preparations – How to prepare, client meetings, prepping gear, venue, light, stage, sound checks, being in the pit.
  • Camera tips – Everything from ISO, lenses, exposure, metering, aperture, shutter speed, to not chimping on stage.
  • Processing and delivering – Covers processing, software, filtering and a step by step run-through of my workflow.
  • The guts of shooting – The most important part – make awesome pictures! Covers style, storytelling, light, action, audience.
  • 46 of my images – I take you behind the scenes of 46 of my images with full analysis and technical details.
  • Contracts – There is a lot of debates about contracts. I tell you what I think, what I do and my experiences.
  • Post Processing – How I post process my images with several step by step examples.
  • In my bag – The most important thing – earplugs! Oh yeah, the camera+lenses. I run through my entire kit for a gig.

Excerpt from the ebook

12 pages from the 220 page book to give you an idea of the content:

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My first ebook and also my last. Ever. That is how I approached this ebook. 6 months of work, countless drafts, while living in 6 different countries – Australia, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Sri Lanka. I started this project around Mid May 2015, back when we were living in Australia. I even posted images on Instagram and Facebook announcing my ebook saying it was coming “soon”.It went from a loose idea to a huge project fast. My first draft was printed out in July for Charlene to edit, it was 25,000 words long! I have wanted to give up many times along the way, but in no small part to my magic half, here, 28 weeks after the “coming soon”, it is released!

In the coming days I will post a more indepth making-of story.

Thank you

There are too many people to mention here, the book itself has a whole page dedicated to thank yous. So let me just say: Charlene Winfred, for supporting me and kicking my ass to keep improving, and working with me on gigs. You spent many, many days editing this book. You are magic my love and you make me magic. This book would never have happened without you!

7 Comments on “Get In The Loop – Ebook release!”

  1. Great work, man. Packed with so much useful information, even for other types of photographers. I’m really impressed by your collection of images and the detailed background information you supply with all of them. And thank you for sharing so much of your workflow and processing techniques! So much to learn (2 minute processing! example curves!). Again, thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Great work Flemming! A lot of useful information and I really like the detailed picture section with EXIF data and your personal comments to each picture plus your post-processing insights. And at this price it is really a bargain!

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