Laserfabrikken and the Death Rays from Outer Space

PRESS PLAY for Death Rays from Outer Space!

Featuring Laserfabrikken and Flemming Bo Jensen

What you see above is a small showreel of laser magic filmed back in September 2019. What an incredibly fun afternoon! It is a small peek at the laser magic that Mikkel from Laserfabrikken can produce with 2 x Kore lasers and a nice fresnel spotlight on me. This is actually a lot of b-roll footage we shot around an interview for a documentary which will come some day, but for now, enjoy the best part, the lasers!!!!!

Please note! It may look like I am just randomly moving around in the lasers, but Mikkel takes security around these powerful lasers super serious and everything is totally prepared, programmed and 100% controlled. The video cameras are in locked positions, it is in a closed venue and I know where to stand and to never look behind me! Don’t try this at home kids!


All lasers and light by Laserfabrikken
Starring yours truly –  and I also edited the reel
Filmed by Malthe Ivarsson and Kim Matthäi Leland
Venue by Pumpehuset, Copenhagen.

Travel back in time

….to 2018 and Click Festival and I was photographing SØS Gunver Ryberg and then all of a sudden these MAD MAD MAD Star Wars death rays shoot through the venue. I love Star Wars, I love sci-fi, I love lasers but most lasers I had seen at shows were ok, but not the big bolts of lasers you see in Star Wars. I was completely speechless and blown away. This is the photo I made after I picked my jaw off the floor:

SØS Gunver Ryberg at Click Festival 2018 and Laserfabrikken lasers!

I did not even know Laserfabrikken at the time, I remember looking at the Click festival instagram to see if I could find out who did the lasers because I just HAD to work with these mad people behind these lasers. As they say, the rest is history. Mikkel who owns Laserfabrikken and I have done so many events together since, both music gigs at Click and Strøm festivals and events at Imperial cinema. It has been a blast (geddit, I am so funny!), so much fun, so many awesome out of this world mad moments. I kid you not that the crowd just spontaneously starts applauding when the lasers suddenly blasts over their head, it is so impressive everyone is just in total awe.

Here is a little trip down memory lane. Let’s hope for many more laser blasts!.

PS. The title “Death Rays” comes from none other than legendary Danish TV producer Jakob Stegelmann of Troldspejlet fame (all you Danes should know what I am talking about! Mikkel provided lasers for a live Troldspejlet event) and Jakob Stegelmann exclaimed “omg, it is like death rays!”

More lasers more lasers more lasers!

Smerz – Strøm Festival 2018

Smerz – Strøm Festival 2018

Blågårdsplads, Copenhagen Light Festival 2019

Click festival 2018

Click Festival 2019

Diamonds in the Rain! Outdoor lasers at Culture Night 2019 in October. It was raining so hard but that just made the lasers even more magical!

Imperial cinema 2019

4 x Kore lasers at full blast!

Click Festival 2019

A close up view of an evil Kore laser in action! I am not kidding when I say this is powerful. It will cause eye damage, melt the sensor on my camera, and happily set a thick piece of molton cloth on fire!

Maybe the most sci-fi epic kick ass magical event ever. Laser Midnight Swim Techno at Strøm Festival 2019!

Maybe the most sci-fi epic kick ass magical event ever. Laser Midnight Swim Techno at Strøm Festival 2019!

Oh and following on from the last two pictures, you really need to read the whole SØS Gunver Ryberg x Swimming pool laser techno blog post to see just how awesome this was!


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