See what’s in the Bag!

what is in the bag blog Cat! No, turned out it was mostly camera gear and a lot of sand. I added a new page listing all the gear I use for creating my Escape in Landscapes images. Click the menu above, or here to read it. I will keep the page updated as I update the contents of my bag.

4 Comments on “See what’s in the Bag!”

  1. Hi Bo – Off the are too kind and trusting , posting this information. There are just too many

    unknown 'enitites' who might not respect what you've had to go through to acquire this treasure. I think

    you need to reconsider making all this personal info public. You may not agree, but I am looking out for you ( if you don't thank me, there's no telling what I may do….He He ).. Frank E.

    1. Hi Frank, thank you very much for your concern and for looking out for me. Had not thought about that at all really. I think the odds of someone recognizing me AND having read this blog post AND think "gee I remember that bag from that blog post, I'll have some of that!" are fairly astronomically low 🙂 Meaning if it's gonna get stolen, it's gonna get stolen blog post or no blog post. It's just stuff anyway, I have insurance. But thanks for your concern, really appreciated! I also highly appreciate the fact you think I'm famous enough someone will recognize my face and bag 😀

  2. Hi Flemming

    I'm a huge fan of your work and philosophies, and have followed your travels for quite some time without commenting here, so it's about time that I changed that!

    I love your website revamp – looking really flash, without using Flash! 🙂

    Yesterday, I read some news from Canon which might change your mind about a Phase One: Canon develops 120 megapixel sensor.

    Imagine the file size with some of your panoramic landscapes!



    1. Hello Michele, thanks for reading and commenting! I am happy you love my new site. Flash without flash is a good one, hehe, I hate flash. But actually the slideshow is flash but that's all.

      I don't actually want a Phase One and I doubt we will ever see that 120 megapixel sensor in a camera. It's still very exiting developments and yes, imagine the stitched panoramas! Soon they must update all the lenses though, we are already at pushing the lenses as far as they can currently resolve. A Canon DSLR with 50 or 100 megapixel would need entirely new lenses as well.

      Thanks for commenting, look forward to hearing from you again. All the best.

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