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f-stop bag tilopa I try to travel and shoot as minimal as possible but I must admit to having outgrown my current bag. Every time I fly (and that happens far too often, I have flown 12 times in the past 4 weeks) I struggle to pack my gear. Every time I go shoot I must decide what to leave behind. I need a new bag that is much more flexible and designed for this Nomad Photographer. On our Papua New Guinea Adventure Christian Fletcher was using a F-Stop Tilopa Camera Bag, recently introduced into the Australian market by my great friend Rod Thomas (0417 677 966), now the Australian distributor for F-stop.  I found the F-Stop bag quite brilliant. It seems perfectly designed for a travelling photographer. Able to hold my 17” Macbook, all of my camera gear, tripod, personal stuff like books, headphones and it is still airline carry-on safe. The fabric is waterproof and the design looks nothing like a camera bag, it does not scream ‘steal me’. And one of the best features, when I travel on small aircrafts that only allows very small carry on bags I can simply take out the internal camera unit and bring that on the plane, and check in the bag itself. Quite possible the F-Stop Tilopa is the perfect bag for this Nomad Photographer and definitely high on my wish list.

EDIT: I am proud to now be sponsored by F-Stop bags, read more here.

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  1. I have seen that bagged advertised in a photo magazine. Though, I did not recognize the name before, it looks like a good bag. Something that may suit my needs. I may get one myself down the road.

  2. Sounds like an all in one solution to me. When you getting one? 😉

    P.S. That is carry-on safe? Really? It looks massive! (for a carry on, that is)

  3. Yep sure is and if customs get anal simply remove the icu that contains all your camera gear, check the bag in and carry on the icu as it has handles…. Best bag u will ever own

  4. Chris,

    Send me an email if your interested and I can give you all the details and pricing you need. I am certain when you get one, you WILL not regret it….

    Look forward to talking to you soon.


  5. Yep everyone, I fell in love with this bag as soon as I packed it. I am using it extensively in Tasmania now and just love it more every day. It is possibly the most comfortable bag I have ever used. I never thought about taking out the icu and checking in the rest. Brilliant idea. Man I love it even more. I think anyone who does any serious hiking and or travelling with camera gear must have one of these babies! In fact I predict it will be the case pretty soon! Go Rod and thanks for bringing them into the country. I believe Nick Rains is frothing over these bags too!

  6. Dan,

    Can never have two many bags mate… You will ditch the KATA in a heartbeat once you get your hands on one of these bad boys ! !

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