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As per tradition, we the on board photographers on True North presented a slideshow movie on the last night of our True North Kimberley Ultimate cruise. I experimented plenty with my landscape photography on the trip, shooting and processing quite experimental attempting to explore a new direction with my landscape photography. I also captured a lot of video and some timelapse (thanks Mark for letting me you use your remote!). It all adds up to this 6 minute video, presented on the last night and I am happy people liked it. The video is much better at showing the amount of water in the waterfalls than the stills are. Do view this in fullscreen and in HD please. On the Vimeo page you can download the 1080p version if you like. To my fellow True North adventurers, I will be happy to send you a cd, I have just emailed you.

See also my blog post Kimberley Tales

Tech spec

Captured on Canon 5D Mk II using 50mm f1/2 lens, (awesome lens, thanks Dave) 17-40 f/4 lens (at 40mm this is almost as good as the 50mm, I was surprised) and 24-105 f/4 lens (not a good video lens for landscapes I discovered). Edited in Adobe Premiere CS5. Music by James Horner from Field of Dreams.

PS. Dave’s Phase One behaved remarkably well, no dramas really. Only photo casualties were Mark dropping his Lee big-stopper ND filter and I let my remote release sit 10 minutes in a stream of water before I noticed, it did not like that.

16 Comments on “Kimberley Tales Video”

  1. Excellent piece Flemming, simply excellent.

    Left me wanting more.

    You have captured some great images here, some are the best you have ever shot I'd say.

    Well done mate.

    Good to hear Daves battery's and tin foil lasted the distance. 🙂

    1. Cheers Merv. Personally I think my Cambodia work is head over heels so much better than anything I've done, but I am quite happy with my experimental Kimberley work too. And hey, pretty awesome to shoot my best work everytime I go out. At least I am constantly improving!

  2. G'day Flemming.

    Wonderful video and stills mate.

    It was an absolute pleasure to photograph and hang out with you and Mark for the 2 two weeks aboard True North. I don't think I've laughed so much in years! Keep in touch and we must go out shooting again soon. Enjoy Broome and the Kimberley.



    PS thankyou for including me on the board of Epicness Inc.

    1. Thanks very much Dave, thanks for an epic adventure fitting for Epicness Inc. It was such a pleasure to hang out and shoot with you and having so many laughs. Good for the soul. Thanks for everything man. One day Epicness Inc will invite all our photog friends and charter the TN for the ultimate mayhem.

      Up here, wet season feels like it's over, a million dragonflies signal the dry and it's chilly (well Broome chilly, still 24 degrees) in the mornings and not humid. However there is a cyclone warning for next Monday so Nigel and I may be out storm chasing soon.

      1. It does look as though Broome might be getting a cyclone or low this weekend. Maybe the Wet still has a bit to go yet.

        I'm very envious of yourself and Nigel continuing with the great Kimberley adventure! Thanks again for a great trip and sense of humour!



  3. Great tale Flemming – didn't need words but nevertheless would have liked to hear the "tales behind the tales". Some great footage and images in there – hopefully we get some of them to blow up bigger on the blog.

    1. Thanks Tim, yes I think this season will be hard to beat for decades. Well spotted on the crooked horizon, indeed it is leaning to the right. I am balancing the camera on the very front part of the bow of TN to get a clear shot and it's not easy hand supporting this and get a straight horizon 🙂 This was the best I could do. Perhaps we also had Dave and the Phase One on the right side of the boat, those 60 megapixels are heavy man!

  4. sure looks great up there Flem. Maybe one day i'll make it on board for a full trip, but it's simple to say that's over a years worth of travel money for me, so while it'd be simply amazing, just can't quite justify it. One day though…. one day haha.

    Incredible wet season down here in the Pilbara, but it's been over here too for a couple of weeks now. The cyclone I don't think will push far enough across for me to get some storms again, but I eagerly await next years! The storms up here really are something special. Hopefully June i'll get to set foot in the Kimberley myself, and after your amazing footage I really look forward to it! 😀

    Still can't believe the amount of water coming over those falls, what an experience that would have been to see!

    1. Yes the waterfalls were a surreal sight, the scale of it so large the brain balks at taking it in. I feel lucky and blessed to have seen the Kimberley just after a record wet-season, the way it should be seen. I have been up the Gibb in the dry, it is nice but just a very poor version of the wet full on version we got.

  5. Wonderful film Flembot – certainly great to have in years to come reflecting on the trip. I liked the King george falls still in particular. Your timelapse, is that made from a merge of still frames or video sped up ?

    T 🙂

    1. Glad you like it Tony. The timelapse is a sequence of still frames. Not only does it yield much higher quality, speeding up video from a 5D does not really work unless you're content with having a timelapse created from just 12 minutes (the 5D has a limit of 12 or is it 20 mins of video recording per clip). These timelapse are longer, the Steep Island one is probably at least 30 minutes.

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