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Two and a half month I traveled and worked in América Del Sur. Having the opportunity to shoot almost every day I made a fair amount of images, street and documentary photography and some portraits. Images that I am now just starting to look at. And there’s nothing like prints to edit, sequence, select and judge images. So I very loosely selected a handful of images that looked interesting, turned out to be 185 images, about 3-4% of what I had captured. I made small prints of all of these and now I can play with them. Spread them all over the floor of the boat, touch them, shuffle them around, sequence, select them. Prints just speak to me in a way pixels on a screen do not. I can sequence and edit them over and over, creating a new creative result every time.  I am wanting to bring the physical process back into my photography and am looking forward to hopefully soon be shooting and processing black-white film myself with a Leica M6.

Looking at these images, do I have a body of work? I do not really know. There are some good images. A few greats. Lots of mediocre ones, good intentions, poor results. Forcing something out of nothing. Do I want to do something with these images? A new book? Books? A much smaller book, say concentrating on stories of Peru? Question everything? Yes. I do not know, that is part of what the prints are for, I can get to know what I have captured and see what (if anything) I want to do with these images. What do they tell me, what do I feel looking at them? Prints, even tiny ones like these, are a very important part of the process.

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  1. I would say play with them, look at them with your inner or third eye. Do I see images of a Condor there? You’d better believe it Flemming, you are a photographer with Soul & Heart! Looking forward to your final selection. If you have a book out already please direct me to it because I would very much like to see it and possibly buy it. How I came across you I can hardly recall but somehow your images struck me as an observant eye with a difference. Your Kimberley images are deeply moving for sure! Which boat are you on I wonder? From a car on a dessert road to a boat in the vast space of an ocean? Awesome!

    1. Hi Margo, thanks very for your comment. Yes, there’s a condor image in there!

      You can read more about my book ‘Asia Stories’ and also my magazine and travel journal here:

      Any questions, please email me right away. Oh and I am living on a friend’s boat in the Fremantle harbour. Yes, my time machine goes to many places. From the Amazon jungle to the Fremantle sailing club.

  2. Hi Flemming,

    I’ve been following your stuff for a while now from Daniel’s site. Looking at what you shot in Sth America, I think you’ll like working with film-it’s a different way of working, but worth it.

    Great work by the way, keep it up.

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