You Watch Me Run

There is a brief scene in Star Wars where Luke Skywalker gazes longingly at the two setting suns of Tatooine; dreaming of adventures and venturing to the stars escaping his sedentary life. It has always been my favourite scene. And that has been me my whole life. Gazing at the horizon. In the words of Tim Winton, I have lived my whole life chasing the dreams of a 10 year old.

Why do I do what I do? I do not know. Live as a nomad? I do not know. Take pictures? I do not know. What I know is I have to. I just have to. My mind falls apart if I stop. Cannot and will not fight it. Just go with the force and the drive that drives me. See where it takes me. No apologies anymore. This is how I live my life, am not going to let anyone tell me to change it or change me. Live creatively and a life of creativity.

My curious existence tends to test the realms of possibility at times. Running into a lot of walls and closed doors. At full speed. But then I throw my imaginary cap over the wall and no choice but to go get it. Just keep moving is my trick. Shadows will catch up if I stop. A never ending stream of goodbyes. But there are just as many hellos and open doors as well and all the unexpected experiences are often the best. It is not too long ago that I wrote Three Trips Around the Sun and I was considering a home in Copenhagen, but things change very rapidly in my life. I might have to scrape a living but at least it’s a living worth scraping. May not be a future in it but at least it is a present that I remember.

I love Copenhagen, but I cannot live here. Not now. The shadows catch up. I opened the Pandora’s box and took the red pill and now must suffer, there is no going back. Cannot and will not fight it, go go go, do not stop running. All of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will, you watch me run — as proclaimed by my favourite time traveling alien Doctor Who. Time is not the boss of me.

So I’m starting the time and space machine again. The TARDIS if you will. First stop, New Mexico, meeting up with friends Daniel Milnor, Charlene Winfred, Brian Lomimonk and a Peru workshop reunion that promises a million laughs. Jedis, Leicas, Fujis, cowboys, rodeos, mayhem and wilderness. Making pictures. Making stuff. Making things happen. Make the art that only I can do. Make another tale or two for my journal.

First stop New Mexico. Next stop, the universe. See you in the world.

13 Comments on “You Watch Me Run”

  1. Run Flemming Run… I know you will stop at some place – point – ocean – spit – cave – plain – mountain – lake – house – me – crater – desert – lake – island – subway – metro – train – boat – street – lets make it Renz.Street…

  2. Bet you are on your rocket ship right now! Safe travels, F. See you soon. Give a call when you get the chance. Got a line on a potentially interesting rodeo…

  3. And here you are 🙂 Hat over wall a long time ago, now you’re finally walking away from the wall.

    You have an amazing life my friend. Don’t collect anymore of those hats… Stetsons being an exception 🙂

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