Freedom. More accurately, the feeling of freedom. To live a creative live feeling free. One of the main reasons why I live as I do. That feeling is possibly what I have chased all my life although I have become majorly sidetracked at times.

The kick of feeling free. Nothing like it for me. The more I do this somewhat dangerous ‘drug’ the more I dislike any form of everyday life and routine. Seriously dislike any form of planning and organization. Just want to travel the universe.

New Mexico is unique in this aspect. Flying the RaveMobile through wide open wild spaces under a harsh hard desert sun. On the Road. For me; magic feeling of freedom. Mad and Magic Raving. Nomad Photographer. Yes, I can do this crazy way of life, make it work, defy gravity. No alternative. Allonsy. Geronomi. Onwards and Forwards.

(I do also need coffee and burgers for fuel besides freedom Рa caf̩ at the end of the universe is always worth a stop)


11 thoughts on “Freedom

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  1. Charlene 9 years ago

    There is no cure, no antidote, no going back. Magia louco.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 9 years ago

      I shall use a Mark’ism : “here for a good time, not a long time” 🙂

    1. Michael Rastrup 9 years ago

      I think I like them a lot !!!

  2. David Mantripp 9 years ago

    Hi Flemming,

    I spent most of last evening reading all your articles and started again at 7am this morning (after priming the pump with several coffees of course). I really like the two photos here – you could do a whole book of “road ahead” shots – so it seemec to be a good place to leave a note just to say thanks for your great writing & photography and just, well, hi!


    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 9 years ago

      Hello David, thanks very much for your comment and words, happy you are a reader of my blog – cheers!