DOKUMENTAR II and Beat Poet Groove: Mini Portfolio Books

I recently made two Blurb books, two new mini portfolios. The idea is to always carry these books, every day, so whenever I am out shooting and want to convey to people I meet what I’m after, what I’m doing, I have these books. It is incredibly helpful and really can help make connections and open doors, to carry these mini-portfolios and be instantly able to show people what you are doing, that this is serious work for me, and often this means people are more than willing to help get the images I like. The books are small Blurb 6×9 tradebooks, thin and light and inexpensive and great fun to make.


A portfolio of my documentary from the past year or so, this is an update of the DOKUMENTAR I book.

DOKUMENTAR II – click here to order in the Blurb Book shop for 15 EUROS


This book is specifically to show my work with musicians:

BEAT POET GROOVE – click here to order in the Blurb book shop for 15 EUROS

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