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SKYVANDRER. [Danish: Cloud- or Skywalker]. The Story of the Boy staring at the stars, wishing for the universe, walking on clouds in New Mexico. The Story of the Boy that remained a boy. To live a creative live feeling free. Chasing the dreams of a 10 year old. Un-filtered emotions and experiences. My time spent in New Mexico is unique in this aspect. Mad mix of unfiltered emotions, freedom, making pictures, filming a documentary, roaming the universe. Mad and Magic New Mexico. A long term work-in-progress collection of images from New Mexico, a small selection from Skyvandrer has now been added to my site as a portfolio gallery, click here to view it.

Skyvandrer is a very long-term, well life-term, personal project as at it’s core it is the story of me. I am certain it will grow and change over the coming years, may very well end up include images from many other places, movies and audio, writing and drawings. Not quite sure what I have started here but I am excitedly pursuing it seeing where it takes me in the world, in the universe, walking on clouds, chasing those dreams, in a stolen pretend time-machine, camera and notebook in hand. The Story of the Boy that got away.

Skyvandrer is available as a 108 page journal-like book featuring many more images, click here to read much more about Skyvandrer The Book.

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  1. The Boy that got away…powerful image right there

    Think Mark Krajnak is also on to something with the Jedi Caine thing, there’s definately some monk and some Carradine in there somewhere 🙂

    Little Big Man also springs to mind

    Salutations and good karma from Frederiksberg

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