“Mad and Magic Raving is a little bit different. It takes an otherwise impossible set of parameters, the space-time continuum and all the universe to warp in a certain way, and a bloody great friend who allows you to be fierce and true without holding back, trusting that someone has your back, utterly and without caveat.”
Charlene Winfred, Invoking the Magic of the Open Road

I made this photo on The Mad and Magic Raving Tour Part II in April with Charlene — she is starring in this image from the rather magic Monument Valley. And she wrote an absolute beautiful must-read story about our trip, titled Invoking the Magic of the Open Road. Making the impossible possible seems to be what we do. Chasing and finding magic.

There is so so much to see out there. Nowhere to go but everywhere. All of time and space and we have the freedom to chase magic. And the restless urge. Already I feel restless. Must keep moving. To chase magic. To live without filters, letting everything in, be amazed in wide-eyed childlike wonder of the world and all it’s wonderful and terrible things and people. Mad and Magic. May it never end. May this road, this wandering, our mad and magic raving go on till the end of time. Onwards and forwards.

7 Comments on “Wanderer”

      1. In which case there would be no end of time, which then goes back to my original point…

        Ok I’m stuck in a temporal loop already with this. I’m gonna stop now 😀

        1. Hehe, no time is not infinite there is an end (well not for us, but for time there is!). It began with the beginning of the universe. Will end with the universe. Anything inbetween is our playground 🙂

  1. Hi Flemming, that’s a beautiful photo. I have built a guitar which I named “The Wanderer.” Would you allow me to use the photo on the page displaying the guitar? I would give you credit of course. Cheers, Cobus

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