Shifter – a new project from Daniel Milnor

Shifter - the new website by Daniel Milnor

Shifter – the new website by Daniel Milnor

At our website magic making company Coffee and Magic, Charlene and I are happy and proud to have launched quite a few sites lately (and there are many more to come). A few days ago, we had the great pleasure of launching Shifter – a new web project from Daniel Milnor (of Smogranch fame). Shifter is very different from Smogranch and features a lot of extremely interesting new content. To quote Daniel Milnor:

Shifter lives at the intersection of sound, form and voice, acting as both a visual experience as well as an archive of the creative life. Audio interviews, portraiture, long-form essay and the almighty power of the print merge to form a site that seeks to find and display what drives those who shift our perspective on life as we know it.

Personally, I am very humbled to be featured in a Dispatches interview on Shifter. We did the interview in September in Los Angeles, at Daniel Milnor’s home – the Smogranch – and it was a lot of fun. Oh, minutes after the interview, Charlene made this awesome and hilarious portrait of two cowboys hanging out after a hard days work.

We worked hard and fast on Shifter and developed it in less than a month, and are very happy with the result. If you’d like a Coffee and Magic website give us a holler.

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