Behind the Scenes of The Minds of 99 Arena Tour

The whole family! The Minds of 99, management, label, booker, crew, and Jada the fantastic warm-up act and her crew. And yours truly, behind the camera. I had to really quickly find a location for this picture and am amazed how many people fit into this tiny room!

“It takes a village” goes a saying. In this case, the massive The Minds of 99 Arena Tour 2019 took a whole “family” of band members, management, label, production crew, hands etc. to pull off these fantastic events. I was the “fly on the wall” documentarian on the entire tour and while I tend to save most of my energy for the actual show, I still have thousands of pictures of everything from the merchandise booth to shirts being steamed backstage to me shooting selfies in every backstage room mirror! Join me on a trip through my gallery of my favourite behind the scenes pictures from the incredible Arena tour, and I do recommend you read all the captions too.

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Gallery – behind the scenes on The Minds of 99 Arena tour

Everyone is working, doing their jobs, while Jannik Jensen, light magician, has simply opened a portal to another world on stage!

Manager Ole Nørup studies the lights on the very first event, in Aalborg.

Jannik Jensen, probably my favourite lighting tech in Denmark, he just lights shows exactly the way I love to shoot them! Epic and creative!

The band has arrived in Aalborg on day 1 and Jacob digs it!

It is a privilege to be around for and hear the rehearsals. In this case, the brand new song, Big City Bright Lights, still unreleased. I heard it for the first time right this instant, and Søren Borkmann, tour manager, is totally loving it too!

THIS. IS. MAD. This is the very first copy of the photobook, I am just about to have a heart attack, I am so excited. Manager Ole pulls it out of the box at the Aalborg event and hands it to me – and I still get goosebumps thinking about this. Dream come true.

The book is out, and in 30 mins it is going on sale in the merch shop so gotta put that beast on Instagram right away!

Band huddle, day 1, Aalborg.

Day 2, in Aarhus and the beer arrives!

I am always amazed how something like this mess turns into a perfect concert about 6-7 hours later! Productions crew are wizards!

Merch booth going up and that white long sleeve shirt is a special Arena tour shirt and I was on the entire tour and … forgot to get one for myself, doh!

Did I mention the production crew are wizards? And mad mountaineers too! This is not for people afraid of heights. Or falling from heights!

Band huddle, day 2, Aarhus.

Odense and stage manager Mikkel gets to stretch his back and ensure the whole rig does not tilt forward I assume!

3 x follow spot controls, I actually wish I had remembered to run around and take a picture during the show too.

Skynet runs it all!

Franz Gottschalk, backliner, and also top awesome guy that has a new wicked haircut every time I see him!

Jannik at the light controls in Odense. I love light, well, I spend every second at a show studying movement and light so light is important to me but also – look at that, gotta be so much fun to control all of that light!

Søren Borkmann, Tour Manager. Total legend, and by far the best hats, and boots on tour. Although, my boots are custom made in Guatemala, beat that hehe!

The merch booth crew enjoying the concert in Odense!

Royal Arena in Copenhagen. Holy crap it is a huge venue!

Did I mention it is huge?

Søren Borkmann, tour manager, at Royal Arena, looking sharp as always

The reason the tour sounds so fantastic. Sound-jedis, Kristian Thomsen and Tor Bach Kristensen at Royal Arena.

16,000 people will soon fill this space

Band is about ready for rehearsals.

Louis the drummer setting up. I wish I could have stood here during the show hehe, what a view it would be!

Niels, lead singer, seemingly almost alone in the whole Arena during rehearsals.

Mikkel Nielsen, stage manager, is in control of the scissor lift. When those lifts go up and down during the show, this is where you find Mikkel!

Mad view from the B stage at front of house, where Niels plays the piano for one song. Mark Balstrup is on the left, video documentarian.

The doors are open to the Royal Arena and the fans who have been waiting in line rush to the front to get a place close to the stage. I love the Minds fans, it is a real privilege to get to walk in the photo pit and meet you and take pictures of you.

This is probably around 3 hours before the show. Gotta get here early to get that front position.

Did you know this Infinity Action shed had to be taken apart and reassembled at every gig – here it is in front of Royal Arena.

Louis steams what is absolutely the coolest shirt in the world. A Close Encounters of the Third Kind shirt is just next level mad awesome!

The band is walking to the stage, minutes before the show.

Band huddle, a very focused and concentrated band, just before the last final massive Royal Arena show in front of 16,000 people.

…and a very happy and relaxed band after the fantastic show at Royal Arena!


I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look of the Arena Tour!

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Oh that is right, I did use every mirror I found backstage. This is in Aalborg, epic deco in the backstage rooms!

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