Liftoff! My new website is in orbit

website-200At times it seemed like a mountain too steep to climb, a rock too heavy to push. Five hundred hours of design, programming, developing, adding images, redeveloping old images, writing content, typing meta data, etc., have paid dividends and I am now very happy, relieved and proud to present and launch my entirely new website. Mk III is now live!
NB! If you get the old site, reboot your computer, try again.

I cannot convey how sweet it is to finally launch this ‘ship’ and I am very pleased with the result. Before you head over there, take a few minutes to read about the site.  I have so much to tell, I must try to be brief though.


  • Innovative design by Jesse Speer of WideRange Galleries, read more below.
  • Programming and brilliant CMS by Jack Brauer of WideRange Galleries.
  • More than 300 of my very best fine art images have been carefully selected for the galleries.
  • Large preview images. I want my wide open spaces to really bring you to my world, so most images are 1000 pixels wide.
  • The much-fabled Southwest USA gallery is launched.
  • More than 75 new fine art images from USA, Laos, Thailand and Australia from my November 2009 to June 2010 life on the road have been developed and are launching today with the new site.
  • Nearly half of the existing images have been reworked and reprocessed in Photoshop to meet my current standards and processing techniques.
  • New profile, artist statement and bio on the About page.
  • Search index, browse images by search tags, location, themes, colours and still to come, moods.
  • Integrated shopping cart.
  • Still much to come in the following months: New images. Integrated WP blog (this blog will move), large stock image archive, wallpapers, calendars and if I can get 30 hours in the day, books!


Jesse Speer of WideRange Galleries created the design. Jesse blew my mind with his draft one, he truly captured my vision. Here are some of the words I gave Jesse: Wide Open Space, minimalistic, uncluttered, otherworldly magic look, hyperreality, earth tones, red soil, blue sky, orange sunlight, desert, ocean, waves, dunes, grandscapes, view to infinity, elements that float free, weightless, no limits, no boxes, no lines.

Website-background blog His design and the background are created from my images and I love it much and feel it is a work of art in itself so I want to present it here for you to enjoy. This is the otherworldly view to infinity, to a horizon that is not there, to a world you float freely above that draws you in but has no borders, no confinements.

New company name, we “Escape in Landscapes”

FBJ logo

No, I did not change my name to Luke Skywalker. Rather, I have changed my company name to “Flemming Bo Jensen – Escape in Landscapes”. The Escape in Landscapes slogan elegantly describes what I am all about and offer. My vision and my otherworldly boundless wide open spaces ensures there is nothing familiar to collapse the dream, allowing you to Escape in Landscapes.

Southwest USA gallery launched

USA thumb Yes, the wait is over. The much fabled, much hyped release is reality. Fifty new fine art images from the ethereally beautiful Southwest USA, and still a few to come. Possibly the best work I have ever done. Enjoy this 12,000 km ride through the magnificent southwest.

WideRange Galleries

My new website is a WideRange Galleries website using their custom built CMS for photographers. It has been a great, fruitful and creative project working with Jack and Jesse, and I highly recommend WideRange Galleries if you’re looking for a new website. My sincerest thanks to Jack and Jesse for building and designing such a superb website for me.


I have gone on for far too long, switch your browser to full screen browsing, head over to and enjoy and escape. I hope you spend some time browsing, then come back here and let me know your thoughts. If you spot any problems, spelling errors, etc. I would also be much obliged if you would inform me. Enjoy!

All systems go. Liftoff. Approaching orbit. Escape in Landscapes.


40 Comments on “Liftoff! My new website is in orbit”

  1. The wait is over! Great site!
    Just wanted to let you know about some problems I experienced while browsing through it – in all submenus (except for HOME tab) all pictures (even Twitter and Facebook logos in CONTACT tab) have four icons in every corner(the ones with red cross in it, which mean that the picture can't be shown);
    plus in all tabs except HOME tab, your logo has the same red cross icon covering the letter F from FLEMMIN BO JENSEN.
    And last, but not least I really miss the FUN & FREE menu as I adore your wallpapers and expected some new – they remind me that there's life outside the grey office …
    And once again – Great Site!

    1. Thank you very much, I am glad you like it so much. Sorry to hear about the problems you have, I must admit I cannot reproduce them.

      The red X's are images (small drop shadows) not being loaded. But I can't reproduce the same error.

      Can I ask you to clear your browser cache and force a full reload of the page and try again. Hit CTRL+SHIFT+R (on PC) or CMD+SHIFT+R (on Mac) to do a full reload after you've cleared your browser cache. Let me know if this works. Thanks!

      Oh and the wallpapers will return! Just did not have time to do new ones for the launch.

      1. Unfortunately, it didn't help, I cleared the cache, ctrl+shift+r didn't work, so I restarted IE8, but without any result. Though when I open the site in Firefox, everything is ok, so, obviously, the problem is in my IE8. Plus, when I loaded your site in IE8 via google translate, just to check whether it'll work – everything was fine.
        P.S. will be waiting for the wallpapers

        1. Simple solution, stop using Internet Explorer 😉 Google Chrome is the best one in my opinion 🙂
          No I'm sorry to hear it did not help, something weird in the cache of your IE8 must be going on. I hope it works itself out in a few days as the DNS cache on your PC is also refreshed.
          Wallpapers might take a month or two, quite exhausted now so new content will be a while. But they'll get there!

  2. "No, I did not change my name to Luke Skywalker"

    Dammit, you've really let me down.

    Nah just kidding. Am loving the new site, love how ridiculously simple it is – that so works for me, and that background really does add to the experience of viewing your images, which I would not have expected prior to this.

    Especially enjoying your USA gallery!

    1. Hey I may change the name yet my friend 🙂

      I am really thrilled you like it so much, means a lot. I too was quite surprised that the background works, it adds instead of subtracts. Also the great thing about the design is it is so simple, so open. There are no lines at all for the eye to catch, rest on, only the image itself. So nothing distracts from the images, the background adds by providing mood.

      This was one giant step Further 😀

    1. Thank you Jamie – yes I had to keep all the new masterpieces under wrap so I could launch this ship with much new gold in it. Been killing me sitting on all these nice images, now I can finally blog about them.

    2. Btw I love the background as well – it is foreground from one of my shots from Namibia, sky is from a shot I did at Rottnest Island and then magically mixed together by Jesse Speer.

  3. Flemming,

    I LOVE the site. It is crisp, sleek, professional, and visually exciting and stimulating. You truly have saved your best for this site! You have been very fortunate with some of the skies you have captured – they are amazing! You are an inspiration. Congratulations!


    1. Hi Dan and thank you very much. Yes, as I have stated before, in the US I felt like the God of Clouds as they really followed me everywhere everyday and put on amazing shows for me. I am happy you like the site and thrilled to be an inspiration!

  4. Very fine way to start my day in vienna – also to come across a wienerscaspe in the midst of your vast selection. Be sure I will send your link out to
    various land-lovers…in fact I will get the link out to
    my friends in Facebook. So get ready to RUMBLE!

  5. ggggrrrrr…… i get grumbly when I get spam emails that bring me to places like this…. 🙁

    haha, awesome work Flem. the site has you all over it (not literally in images etc), so the designers did a wonderful job in that setup.

    good to see some new images too. I do have to say that the totem tracks image is still my fav from your USA gallery. that is one mighty fine image man!! 🙂

    looking forward to hearing the stories behind these images now, and of course seeing any other little secrets you have hiding away on your hard drive! 🙂

    1. Haha, yes I know, all those shady emails with suspect links I sent out to friends. Part of my plan for World Domination. Do not fear, you will be assimilated. Flem Borg is here.

      Very happy you like it Stephen and yes, Jesse did an excellent job of reading my blog, looking at my old site and really creating a design that is the essence of me.

      Plenty new stories to come, and some of those hidden gems of RAW files that only make their presence known months after the initial run-through. Usually these can be amazing!

  6. Flemming, you've unveiled an amazingly beautiful and professional showpiece here…really, you have so much to be proud of. Your story of "giving it all up" is an inspiring one. Although I'm sure it is not the reason you changed, I hope that you are rewarded well for your endeavours.
    All the best.

    1. Steve, I really must thank you for your words, that is so nice of you to say. Means a lot. Glad you like the site too. It was an interesting launch today as I had shown the site to absolutely no one! Only me (well my sister had a 10 second look). I went by my own vision, instinct and gut feeling on the site and had input from no one at all. Weird way to do it but it worked I think!

  7. Great new site! "Awe" is my new favorite – and your Laos shots (with actual people in them – small people, granted, but it's a start ;0) )

    Dude, you're going places.. :0)

  8. Congratulations on such a spectacular showpiece for your art. That front page is an absolute winner, literally dragging me into the site on my hands and knees in the parched desert, then quenched by the explosion of colour as the flash file loads like a welcome oasis. OK, maybe a little carried away there but very impressive. This is just the beginning of great things – good luck and I look forward to your narrative of the journey.

  9. Fantastic work, Flemming. Congratulations on a great accomplishment. Up till now, I've only made it through the Copenhagen set which made me quite homesick (I left Copenhagen 19 years ago) but the rest will definitely be checked out.. Terrific photos beautifully presented. Hopefully, the site will prove a good investment of time, energy and money.

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