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The Andes. Ancient and majestic mountains, windy, cold and unforgiving. The road snakes through the desolate and uninviting landscape. The sky is white, the wind fierce and colours are muted to a stark monochrome mood. Yet, here in this extreme environment people live and make their lives.

More a mood than a story, these pictures were made in the Andes mountains of Peru driving from Arequipa to Chivay. This was the third story I submitted for the group reviews in the brilliant Adam Weintraub workshop with Daniel Milnor.

The solitude spoke to me instantly. I know it well having mapped out that feeling intensely. I chose black and white as I wished to do a different story at this time in the workshop, and it enhances the mood of the harsh environment. The 2nd to last image is easily omitted but I wanted to bring the traveler into this environment, 4 kilometers altitude, unforgiving, uninviting, fascinating.

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  1. This speaks to me heaps, possibly because I too recognise too well that feeling of isolation and the depths at which it can consume the soul. SO in love with that mega contrasty b&w post processing. I’ve always been a sucker for contrast, but this is really taking it to another screamingly rich level.

  2. Wow. As photographers, one of our missions in this world is to produce images that illicit emotion. My heart was in my throat when I looked through these photos. For me, I experienced a sense of openness and a reminder that we’re alone with God in this world.

    Thank you for the great photography, Flemming.

    John Douglas
    Wedding Photographer
    Lansing, Michigan

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