Una Pura Verdad – Featured

Una Pura Verdad has generated a lot of interest and some very positive feedback. I am excited, so very grateful and strengthened by all of this. Thanks to all who have watched, all who have written me feedback. This is definitely just the beginning, more movies to come, both from Daniel Milnor and I and from other collaborations. Something good is happening here, must be pursued. Actually I think this very personal project kickstarted some really interesting collaborations with photographers, musicians, graphic artists, a movie like this can really be the force that binds the galaxy, I mean that binds some great creative forces together. Just on Una Pura Verdad we had photographers, musicians, studio technicians involved and it is just an awesome thing to build something like this together. More of this to come.

Here are two great articles about Una Pura Verdad, Daniel’s funny – and entirely true – behind the scenes post and an awesome article by Mark Krajnak, thanks so much Mark. You will want to follow Mark’s blog and his awesome Friday Noir and Visual Week in review series.



PS. Have you checked out our music video ‘Where Cover Is‘ – I made this movie with my friend Gregers Helskov Holm and it is also the beginning of a very productive partnership. Look for more movies from us later this year.

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