“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” – Henry … Read More

Kölsch at Zouk Singapore

The Danish DJ and music artist Kölsch enters the legendary Zouk Singapore at 1am Friday night and fires off the turbo lasers! … Read More

Still Dreaming Out Loud

Portfolio. I always set out wanting to update this as the festival season unfolds during the year and I shoot new … Read More

Bas Under Buen festival 2016

Every year thousands of ravers assemble under a highway overpass in Copenhagen. They are here to worship electronic beats organized … Read More

The best of my 2016 in music

The Best of Twentysixteen in Music An end-of-the-year roundup story taking you through some of my favourite music pictures, stories … Read More

A Day with The Minds of 99

For the past year I have been having some rollercoaster emotional rides regarding photography, both my own and the photography … Read More

Ghost In The Machine

Friday I had been given the wonderful opportunity to follow The Minds of 99 during their Fredagsrock in Tivoli gig, … Read More

MØ in Motion

MØ needs little introduction, having made an inspiring journey from recording in her room in her parents house in Denmark to becoming … Read More

Club kyo in Singapore

The small part of the electronic music scene in Singapore that I have been subjected to, seems heavily dominated (I … Read More

Looking Beyond The Lights

Shooting electronic music events is much more than just shooting some epic lights on a smoky stage with a big crowd … Read More

Flowers and Cumbia

Friday was the traditional fiesta of Dia del las flores – the day of the flowers – here in Guanajuato. We … Read More

The Zouk Monster

The Zouk many-headed and many-armed Monster devours people on the dancefloor. There is no escape, not even for Anonymous or … Read More