Into The Minds of 99

To Begin With … Everything is my latest article about The Minds of 99. I paraphrased the movie Almost Famous: “What do I love about The Minds of 99? To begin … Read More

To Begin With…Everything!

“Russell. What do you love about music? “…to begin with…everything!” So ends the movie Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe, one of my all-time favourites. I have watched it numerous times and … Read More

AV AV AV in 360 degrees

These are your ingredients. Take the 3 x super electronic producers from Danish band AV AV AV. Place them on a circular stage in the middle of the venue. Have … Read More

Above & Beyond in Copenhagen

Back when I was a young one in the 90s I must admit that I had a real soft spot for the melodic and euphoric trance that DJs like Paul … Read More

Singularity: Jon Hopkins live show

I do not even remember when I first learned of Jon Hopkins‘ music. Maybe about 4 years ago I discovered his incredible album Immunity that made him a huge name. … Read More

Smerz at Strøm Festival 2018

Smerz is a Norwegian duo making electronic music that straddles many genres from pop music to crazy stuck-inside-a-dream sounds that defy making sense. There are influences of course, but Smerz … Read More

Roskilde Festival 2018 – The Gear

Want live stories and updates? I am taking over Fujifilm Nordic’s Instagram during the festival, so make sure to follow them! I am about to head out for 4 days … Read More

Total Recall

I have had the pleasure of photographing Denmark’s best electronic boyband, AV AV AV, many times before, all the way back to Sonar Festival 2015. At Copenhagen Distortion Festival 2018, … Read More

Kenton Slash Demon

Kenton Slash Demon is a Danish electronic duo made up of Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer. I honestly do not remember the first time I heard them, but it was many … Read More

I suck, I am awesome

I am the worst commercial photographer in the world. I am a niche photographer, actually a niche within the niche, and I only like and want to do one thing – music … Read More