Godt Nytår – Happy New Year 2018

Godt Nytår 🎉🤘😎✨🥂 Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone arrived safely in the year 2019. I wish you a happy hangover day and a great coming year hopefully. The … Read More

The View from the House of My Father

My father passed away earlier this year, and the past weekend we had to finally tackle the task of clearing out his house. It definitely ranks in the top 3 … Read More

Mærkværdigt Vejr

I don’t know what to write about at the moment, except that I am going to do it in Danish. Because it is personal stuff. And I am going to … Read More

Farewell, my father

It was the most peaceful and beautiful end to a completely surreal and tragic day. Last Friday evening I shot this view from the backyard of my father’s house in … Read More

8 years of Nomad Living

Today marks my 8 year anniversary of being a nomad. Well, actually, 8 years and 1 day it would appear as the anniversary was the 23rd of November and here in … Read More

Roaming Frame launch

I am so incredibly excited and thrilled to share this! Charlene and I have launched our new media production company: ROAMING FRAME. Well the company has sort of existed for 4 … Read More

Postcards from New Zealand

We are in New Zealand. A place I have wanted to visit for so long but has always felt far away for some reason. Well it is far away from … Read More

I dream of the open road

I dream of clouds I dream of the road I dream of the open road through a quiet landscape That feeling of freedom Hitting that big ole reset switch in … Read More

I Dream Of Clouds

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the first road trip Charlene and I did together in the USA. I don’t quite think I have the words for how much … Read More

Be Alive

And just like that, we are time-traveling again. In two different places, for a brief spell. In the darkest hours I am unable to sleep and get very angry at … Read More

Nomad Life – launch of mini-site

7 years. 110 stories. 18 countries “On 23rd of November 2009 I boarded a plane in Copenhagen bound for Bangkok…you won’t believe what happened next!” How is that for a … Read More