Mærkværdigt Vejr

I don’t know what to write about at the moment, except that I am going to do it in Danish. … Read More

Farewell, my father

It was the most peaceful and beautiful end to a completely surreal and tragic day. Last Friday evening I shot … Read More

8 years of Nomad Living

Today marks my 8 year anniversary of being a nomad. Well, actually, 8 years and 1 day it would appear as … Read More

Roaming Frame launch

I am so incredibly excited and thrilled to share this! Charlene and I have launched our new media production company: ROAMING … Read More

I Dream Of Clouds

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the first road trip Charlene and I did together in the USA. I … Read More

Be Alive

And just like that, we are time-traveling again. In two different places, for a brief spell. In the darkest hours … Read More