Global Gypsy Travel Media – our stock photography website

Global Gypsy Travel Media
is our new stock photography site and I have been looking forward to launching this for a long time. Back in february 2014 in Singapore, Charlene and I were out for a walk and discussing our own websites. One of us remarked “we should pool all our stock images from our travels and make a separate stock photography website, and maybe invite others to contribute”. 9 months later, after many, many hours of work, Global Gypsy Travel Media is finally a reality! Just how much work is involved in this probably caught us a bit by surprise, but all good things to those who wait… no, those who swear at the screen, battling php, css, sql or just tired of keywording!  Continue reading

Victor Parris Mitchell in a strip club at Strøm festival 2014


Victor Parris Mitchell at Crystal Club, Copenhagen – Strøm festival 2014

It is so hot in here even the walls are sweating. But this is no ordinary night at the Crystal Club strip club. Tonight, on the third day of the Strøm festival, the stripper podium holds ghetto house and Dance Mania legend Victor Parris Mitchell. Victor is laying down some seriously dirty and sweaty beats, turning the tiny packed room into a sauna.

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Shifter – a new project from Daniel Milnor

Shifter - the new website by Daniel Milnor

Shifter – the new website by Daniel Milnor

At our website magic making company Coffee and Magic, Charlene and I are happy and proud to have launched quite a few sites lately (and there are many more to come). A few days ago, we had the great pleasure of launching Shifter – a new web project from Daniel Milnor (of Smogranch fame). Shifter is very different from Smogranch and features a lot of extremely interesting new content. To quote Daniel Milnor:

Shifter lives at the intersection of sound, form and voice, acting as both a visual experience as well as an archive of the creative life. Audio interviews, portraiture, long-form essay and the almighty power of the print merge to form a site that seeks to find and display what drives those who shift our perspective on life as we know it.

Personally, I am very humbled to be featured in a Dispatches interview on Shifter. We did the interview in September in Los Angeles, at Daniel Milnor’s home – the Smogranch – and it was a lot of fun. Oh, minutes after the interview, Charlene made this awesome and hilarious portrait of two cowboys hanging out after a hard days work.

We worked hard and fast on Shifter and developed it in less than a month, and are very happy with the result. If you’d like a Coffee and Magic website give us a holler.

Dreaming of Badlands


Charlene in the Badlands, Fuji X-T1 in camera panorama.

Badlands, South Dakota. For years this place has had a strange draw on me. I am not sure why, a combination of dreaming of this place, the very name itself – and possibly the Terrence Malick movie. A few weeks ago, after a long drive from Britton in the northeast corner of South Dakota and all across South Dakota, a dream became reality as we entered Badlands National Park on a very warm Thursday afternoon.

The place is so vast and overwhelming, I never figure out how to frame it in my camera and make a picture that represents what I am feeling. My mind is somewhat stunned by a dream becoming reality. We have two hours of daylight in the park and plan to return.But it rains the next three days and that afternoon turns out to be the only visit to Badlands. Perhaps it is better that way. Badlands still seems equally a dream and a reality.

Charlene in the Badlands setting sun

Charlene in the Badlands setting sun

Last light of the day at Badlands

Last light of the day at Badlands

Badlands, Fuji X-T1 in camera panorama

Badlands, Fuji X-T1 in camera panorama